How to Write a Cover Letter - 5 Important Things to Consider

Cover letters are getting more and more important in today's job market. It's getting to where they're almost a requirement to have any kind of chance of getting a job. For this reason, it's important to know exactly what you're doing when you write one, so I've built you a list of 5 critical elements you really need to consider when writing your cover letter.
1) Avoid spelling and typing errors like the plague. Even a single one can scream out "unprofessionalism" and ruin your chances completely. I know it sucks, but it's just too competitive out there...with a dozen flawless cover letters to choose from, why would they even consider one with errors?
2) Always address your cover letter and enclosed resume directly to whoever it is that can hire you. Researching the company is always a good idea, and if you can figure out who exactly it is who can make it happen. Don't waste your time by sending it out to some nameless person in Human Resources, fire it off to the main guy and get noticed!
3) For crying out loud, don't plagiarize! Sending off a cover letter you found on the Internet, or using the same cookie-cutter letter for everybody is unprofessional, lazy, and some would even find it insulting. Take the time to write a real cover letter that's tailored to your specific interests in a specific's a good way to let that company know you're serious about getting a job with them.
4) Always research the company really well before you start writing your letter. Know what you're getting into, and make sure the fact that you DO know all about the company is evident in your letter. Don't turn it into a trivia-fest, but knowing the business and how you can specifically benefit them is a great way to turn heads.
5) Never forget that the ultimate purpose of a cover letter is to get you face-to-face with these people in an interview. Do whatever it takes to get that interview (so long as it's legal, of course). Don't wait for them to contact you, write in your cover letter exactly when you plan to call to establish an appointment for an interview and DO IT. YOU take the steps necessary to nail that interview, your initiative and determination will usually work in your favor.
So there you have 5 pretty important things to think about when working on your cover letter. A couple seem a little bit obvious, but you'd be surprised how many people make these simple mistakes.

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