Proper Etiquette For Online Dating

Plenty of people are becoming exposed to the world of online dating. This is one of the fastest growing online products that can easily be used by anyone with access to the Internet. According to Jupiter Research, the year 2008 was a milestone in the industry because it grew to around $642 million. It became one of the biggest influences in relationships. Online dating therefore has evolved to something that has its own etiquette.
When you are communicating with somebody online, there are things that you have to check to see if you are behaving properly. Doing this can lead you to make more friends and even meet that special person. Let us look at some of them.
Remember that honesty surpasses none. Answer everything truthfully when you are making your online dating profile. Do not invent information regarding yourself. What happens when you meet someone that you could possibly be in a relationship with? This person will learn about the fake information that you gave.
Online dating makes use of the process of sending emails to various people. There are instances when you will get no response. It is acceptable to send several messages to people. For around 5 messages that you send, there will be at least 1 that responds.
Remember to also reply to the messages you receive. How exactly should you reply to somebody who does not interest you? Well the answer is that certainly it is better to ignore the message than telling the person outright that you do not like him or her. Keep in mind that you should likewise not feel offended when somebody does not send you a reply. Even if you are not interested on other people, you do not have to be rude to them. If you got a letter that is really nice and sweet, at least take the time to reply and thank the sender.
Create personalized emails when you send out your online dating replies. You should not send a pro forma letter for everybody that you get a message from. If you are busy, wait until you have time. These are people who have emotions that you need to respect.
When online dating, keep personal questions until you really know the person. Do not ask where the person works or lives because this is creepy especially if you are only talking for the first time. If somebody pressures you to give your personal details, remind them that you have just met.
When you meet with somebody face to face, keep your safety in mind. Always meet in places where there are plenty of people. Meet in public places, instead of picking up your date or asking your date to pick you up.

Why Save Your Money When You Can Love Yourself Better - Now!

It's another payday. What's the best and most obvious thing to do? Why save of course. You remember all those days of grinding away with low wages and nights of going hungry without anything to eat? I know you'd do anything not to relive those days. So saving is really a wonderful option for your money. It could probably even be the best option!
But some days saving just gets you really, really down. The less you spend on yourself the less you get. And depriving yourself in order to feed a family is a very noble thing to do but just keeping your money to yourself for the sake of having more of it is almost as foolish as wasting it on tons of useless stuff. So why keep saving like a miser when you can enjoy life to the absolute fullest by spending your money much more liberally? Here are a few reasons why you shouldn't keep your wallet so guarded:
* It will get you a whole lot more friends: So you aren't the tallest, smartest, most attractive one in the bunch, are you? And you aren't exactly the one who receives fan-mail or love letters from everybody? Watch all these change when you start throwing your money left and right! The more people who get free lunches from you, the more popular you get with people. And of course when you're pretty liberal with your money, all the dates start coming in. Besides who wants to date a cheapskate?
* Because You deserve to be spoiled every now and then: Who says that it only had to be your birthday for you to eat gigantic lobsters or delicious caviar? Nobody! And if they ever did, should you really care? Of course not! You deserve only the best and what can make you feel a whole lot better about yourself than a huge dinner every so often? Make yourself know the meaning of being a king or a queen by treating yourself to some really delicious food!

Discussing the Benefits of T3 Internet

A T3 line is an especially powerful tool to transport data. The enormous capacity of a T3 line can be properly understood when it is compared with a T1 line.
While a T1 line can carry 24 separate channels thus providing 24 different sets of communication simultaneously, a T3 line can provide 672 channels! That is to say if there is one T3 line, 672 people can simultaneously browse the net at a very high speed.
T carriers do not have devoted channels. That is to say, no particular channel is attached to a particular telephone unit. It is basically a clutch of channels. Whenever a particular channel is used either to transfer data or used as a voice telephone, this channel is temporarily assigned to that activity. As soon as the activity is over the assigned channel reverts to the clutch.
Thus unless 24 people are simultaneously conversing, a user will always find a free channel. It has been observed that a single T1 line can very efficiently cater to 100-150 people in an office.
So, with 672 channels available in a single T3 internet connection, you can very easily realize that over 4000 people can simultaneously access the net at a very high speed or converse with crystal clear clarity.
T3 channels are almost invariably used by the internet service providers. With the data traffic it has to handle with the least possible delay and downtime, a provider has little option other than T3. They use this medium to remain connected with the internet backbone. At times the architecture of the backbone itself is made up of T3 connectivity.
The internet has revolutionized the whole concept of connectivity. With it has come the truly novel concept of e-commerce. Skeptics had earlier pooh poohed the concept of e-commerce. Their argument was that a retail customer will never buy a commodity unless he can physically check it.
But the success of retail portals like Amazon and EBay has stunned them into silence.
With the whole world becoming their marketplace due to the internet, big retail giants are now falling over one another to hike their bandwidths to the level of T3 to take advantage of reaching more customers simultaneously. This wide coverage and access which T3 connectivity can provide has provided them with the opportunity of multiplying their sales many many times over.
Not only the retail giants but capital goods manufacturers also have grabbed of this opportunity. They are now able to contact potential buyers all over the world and through video conferencing are able to demonstrate their products to clients and purchasers situated thousands of miles away - all in real time!
This new world of super fast and crystal clear connectivity has boosted the economies of not only the developed countries but the rest of the world too.
With breakneck competition raging among the service providers, the rates of T3 connectivity have also slid down from their previous forbidding heights. An intelligent comparison of the rates and schemes offered by the competing service providers and ruthless bargaining can further reduce the costs of T3 connections.
OC12 is an even faster connection than OC3. You might be wondering there should be limit of speed. But if you care to ponder on the extent by which traffic on the internet has increased, it is not really a surprise that a faster carrier emerged.
Let us first wade through the technical details of OC12. Though it might not make much sense to non technical persons who are more interested in the benefits accruing to them instead of the nitty gritty of bits and bytes, still it seems a little naïve and out of sync if we are not in a position to mouth a few capital letters when everybody who is somebody is doing so all around us.
Let me tell you one thing. If you find these details completely bewildering and are unable to memorize anything, don't worry. All those who are doing so are in the same boat as you are. They are showing off!
In fact the service providers are also unable to provide you with a monthly estimate of the usage of an OC12 connection! It is a stark fact, I am not joking. This is still not used by very many commercial establishments dealing with brick and mortar economy.
This is still the near exclusive domain of web hosting companies who are basically mid size internet service customers. Also some smaller internet service providers who act as subcontractors of large internet service providers have opted for this sort of a connection.
They use this connectivity mainly for wide area network connections. However, no large internet service provider will use this as an architectural constituent of the internet backbone.
Anyway, let us brave the technical details.
OC12 connection has a speed which can go up to a maximum of 622.08 Mbit per second out of which payload (i.e. the actual data transferred) will be at the rate of 601.344 Mbit per second while the overhead (i.e. repeater requirement)will be 20.736 Mbit per second.
Well, what does all this mean?
In simple terms, it means that one OC12 connection is equivalent to 4 OC3 connections. Let us jog our mathematical instincts a bit! It works out to 400 T1 connections. One T1 connection is equivalent to 24 conventional telephone lines. So, one OC12 connection is equal to 9600 conventional phone lines all working thousands of times faster than our conventional phones.
Phew! That indeed is one heck of connectivity! The cost for this is obviously going to be a lot more expensive than what you are currently paying but much cheaper in the long run. So, it is natural that other than those involved in the business of providing connectivity, others have not yet ventured very deep into this new facility available in the world of telecommunication.

The Secret to Dealing with People

There is only one way under heaven to get anybody to do anything. Have you ever thought about that? It is by making the other person, want, to do what you want them to do.
Of course, you can make anyone hand over their watch or wallet, by pointing a gun in their face, or an employer can force his employees to cooperate, by threatening to fire them. Even a child will do as he or she is told if they are threatened. But with these crude methods come undesirable repercussions.
Only by giving you what you want, will you do as I ask, Is that not True? The question is, What do you want? Sigmund Freud said that everything you or I do, springs from two motives. Sexual desire, and the desire to be great! Dr John Dewey another profound philosopher, phrased it in these words "The Deepest urge in human nature is the desire to be important", Yes, importance is something that man has always strived for. Here is a thought for you to ponder, What do you want?
I hesitate to say the majority of people would not want too many things, but the few things you do wish, you crave, is this not true with most of us. Think about it seriously.Some of these things could include:
Health and fitness,
Money and the things money Buys,
Life after Death,
Sexual Gratification,
The Well being of our children,
The feeling of importance.
Almost all of these wants are usually gratified except one.
Its almost as deep as the desire for food or sleep "The Desire to be Important" Lincoln started a letter saying "Everybody likes a compliment!" William James said, "The Deepest Principle in human nature is the craving to be appreciated", He did not speak, of the "wish" or the "desire" to be appreciated.
A great man once said "I consider my ability to arouse enthusiasm among people". The Greatest asset I possess, and the way to develop the best in a person, is by appreciation and encouragement.
"There is nothing else that so kills the ambitions of a person as criticisms, from superiors.
I try never to criticize anyone, rather I would prefer to teach someone in order to try to give that person the incentive to work.
Sometimes you will find readers saying they have heard it all before, or' You tried it all and it does not work, at lest, not for intelligent people, they flatter themselves. And you would be right, flattery seldom works, with discerning people. Flattery is usually shallow, insincere, and can show selfishness on their behalf.
The Difference between Appreciation and Flattery?
Easy! One is sincere, the other is insincere, one comes from the heart, the other from the head, if all we had to do was flatter, everyone would catch on, and we would all be experts in Human relations. Flattery is easy to hand out, it can puff up the receiver and the one handing it out as a compliment but appreciation on the other hand takes time. And does not come as easy as we would like.
In my experience appreciation comes with experience, and time, and usually comes when its too late. We may at times believe, in ourselves, that we appreciate certain things in life, but have a rude awakening when the thing, we loved or person, we loved is taken from us. Only when one has experienced, the school of hard knocks, can one truly understand the word Appreciate.

Joint Venture Secrets for Internet Marketers

At today's mastermind meeting, Joe, Bill, Craig and I got into a long discussion about Joint Venture proposals. This is a subject that my coaching clients are struggling with at Your Portable Empire University, and really, most beginning marketers struggle with.
It really hit home to me how lucky I was to be sitting at that table.
Joe Vitale is one of the fathers of the internet marketing business, and just keeps growing from amazing success to amazing success. His goal is to be the world's first trillionaire. I wouldn't bet against him.
Craig Perrine is one of the up-and-coming gurus. The gurus all know him, and respect him. He's one promotion away from being a guru himself. He's also got a dangerously skewed sense of humor.
Bill Hibbler is one of my oldest friends. He's the one that got me into internet marketing, and introduced me to Joe. He's quietly built up a very impressive internet empire. He also used to manage rock stars- so we share the music biz connection.
To get these guys together for a consultation would cost thousands of dollars an hour.
Let me share the wealth with you, by letting you listen in to a conversation we had about joint ventures.
There is a temptation for new internet marketers to use the "shotgun" approach when they try to set up Joint Venture deals. In the shotgun approach, you send a form letter to everybody you can think of, asking them to promote your product.
We were unanimous on this. The shotgun approach NEVER WORKS.
There. That's all you need to know about the shotgun approach. Don't waste your time
Bill reminded me of a time, 8-10 years ago, when I tried the shotgun approach in the music business. I put together a promo kit, with pictures, press clippings, and my latest CD and mailed it to record companies. Wasted several hundred dollars. I got no response.
Later, I got a record deal, publishing deal, and a couple of great agents- but I didn't get them by using the shotgun approach.
Well, what does work?
We all agreed that building a relationship was important.
So, I asked Joe, Bill, and Craig to imagine they were sitting in... Cleveland, Texas, or some other backwater spot, and they wanted to establish a relationship with a potential JV partner. What would they do?
I want to make it very clear that the first step is to identify who you want to establish the relationship with. You need to focus on each potential JV partner one-at-a-time.
Here are the steps they would take:
1. get on their list.
2. subscribe to all of their newsletters and read them. You want to know what their niche is, what their interests are, and- this is very important- what they like. More on this in a minute.
3. send them an occasional email telling them that you like their ezine, and telling them exactly what you liked. quote the ezine or newsletter.
4. once they've responded to an email, and acknowledge you, offer them a free article or ebook to use as a bonus for their promotion. It's important that your bonus has some relation to their promotion.
5. politely ask if they'd be interested in promoting your product. Do NOT send attachments. Do NOT send a long email with your biography. Do send a polite request stressing what's in it for them.
6. repeat step five politely but persistently.
I've seen this work with Joe, and I believe that it will work with most gurus IF... and this is a big IF... the product you want to promote is actually a great product and it is the sort of thing his customers will actually buy.
For example, Craig's customers are savvy, experienced internet marketers who are interested in the nuts and bolts techniques of list building. My ebook, The Absolute Beginner's Guide to Internet Wealth, would be totally inappropriate for his list.
Joe, on the other hand, has a list of people who will find that book very useful. He'll be promoting it soon.
Now, look at step two- where it talks about finding out what they like.
Now, close the door. Make sure you're alone. I'm about to tell you a secret...
You can get a guru's attention by bribing them.
This is a secret. Don't tell anybody. You didn't hear it from me.
It's true.
Here are some of the bribes that have worked:
- single malt scotch
- italian leather coat(s)
- a case of oreos
- vintage books
- steak dinner
- gourmet coffee
- official baseball-team cap (worked wonders with a Japanese record exec.)
- twenty-dollar bill
- maduro churchill cigars (I live in hope.)
note- clever works better than expensive. You can't buy these guys. You can amuse them. If their passion is coffee, and you send them a pound of blue kona grown on a small coffee plantation, dried and roasted by loving hands- they'll think of you as they drink the coffee, and they will read your proposal. The point is that you cared enough to learn about them, and learn what they like- and send it to them. Don't go buy a hundred pounds of coffee and send it to a hundred gurus. Find the one who is passionate about coffee and concentrate on him.
Or find the one who has a sweet tooth for oreos, and send him a case.
(disclaimer: this is word of mouth. Hearsay. I have no evidence of anyone ever receiving or responding to a bribe. If I did, it was years ago and the statute of limitations has run on it. If it ever happened. In the case of the case of oreos, the evidence is long gone- his son ate 'em.)
A bribe will not guarantee that the guru will promote your product.
However, some of these guys get dozens of offers a day. It's a full time job just reading the emails.
If you send your proposal FEDEX, with a memorable bribe (remember, you've researched them to find out what they like), you greatly increase the chances of your proposal actually getting read.
It's still up to you to create a great product, and offer it to marketers who actually have access to the people who will buy it. Be sure to stress the benefits to the list-owner and his list. This is not the place to give your life history, or beg for help. Desperation does not sell.
A quick and easy way to build a relationship, and create a product, is to interview or co-write with your potential JV partner. The less work they actually have to do, the more likely they are to agree to your proposal.
Why would you do this?
1. When people see your name associated with a guru's name, there is a perception that you are worth listening to.
2. It gets the guru emotionally involved in the project, and he'll do what it takes to make it successful.
3. The first one is the hardest. Once you've successfully worked with one guru, it's much easier to connect with, and work with, others.
4. You get to "cream" the guru's list. You can build your own list by capturing the names of people who show interest in the product you create with the guru.
This led to a discussion of other problems beginning internet marketers have.
Craig said it best, "If you are currently broke, you have no business creating or marketing success products."
The funniest JV proposal any of us have ever received said, "I've got a great marketing course, I just don't know how to market it." It's actually become famous in guru circles as the ultimate bad example.
Bill followed up, "The internet marketing niche is full. Not only is there no room for anyone else to market products in that niche, if you do compete in that niche you're competing against the best marketers on the planet. You don't stand a chance."
I can tell this to my coaching clients until I'm blue in the face, and they'll still try it. I don't understand.
Your chance of success is higher in just about any other niche.
The trick is to discover what you're actually good at, and sell that.
What are your skills? Be honest about where you are now.
Craig, again: "Do you like being lied to? If you're marketing success products, and you're not successful- you're lying."
Craig had the solution- "There are two kinds of people in internet marketing: marketers and product developers. You're probably a product developer. Find what you're good at, and make a product out of that."
This led to a discussion about product development.
It's easy.
If you like to write, and you write well, it's even easier.
If you don't like to write, or don't write well, get an audio recorder and record interviews. You can record interviews over the phone. You can make camtasia videos and sell those. A cheap video recorder is good enough to make professional videos- the bar isn't very high, because you need to compress the videos so they can be downloaded.
Somebody brought up the story of Joe Kumar, who was a broke student who lived in Singapore. He emailed a bunch of gurus and asked them a simple question about marketing. He knew that getting an answer to an email was easier than any other form of gathering information.
He also figured out that the gurus he interviewed would be emotionally involved with the product, and would be motivated to see it succeed. When the product was ready to market, his interview subjects became his joint-venture partners.
He made a pile of money. His story after that is kind of sad, but is worth learning about. Do a Google search.
This is a great business model. Joe and I used it when we created "The Myth of Passive Income."
We bounced this around- that's the beauty of mastermind meetings. The energy just swirls around the room.
One of the ideas that came out of this swirling energy- what if an overweight person interviewed a group of weight-loss experts, and created a product from the interviews? Then he could write an ezine to document his/her progress using the advice the weight-loss experts gave him. You could sell a lot of these.
What kinds of synergy can you create between Joint Ventures and products?
Pat O'Bryan is the CEO of Practical Metaphysics, Inc. and Director of the Milagro Research Institute. He is the author of several books on Internet Marketing, including the best-seller, "Your Portable Empire- How To Make Money From Anywhere Doing What You Love."

Ways To Profit Online - Even Without A Website

When the world wide web was invented, who would have thought that it would open up unlimited earning possibilities to anyone who has a serious desire of making it online? In its early days, only savvy webmasters who can design his or her own website and has enough marketing know how are the only ones benefitting from this twenty first century gold rush.
Not anymore. Today - high school students, stay at home moms and dads, teachers, brick layers - people from all walks of life are earning money on the internet - even without knowledge of web design or html.
How is it possible to earn money online with zero web design knowledge? By choosing a product from affiliate programs and then promoting those products by email.
Here's how:
First, join one of the largest affiliate network known to everyone who are into affiliate marketing - Clickbank. Clickbank has in its database, more than 10,000 products that you can choose from and it's free to join.
Second, open an email account in one of those free email subscription websites such as Yahoo, Hotmail or even Google.
Then, after joining Clickbank and having your own email account, choose any number of products you are interested in at Clickbank Marketplace. Make sure that the product or products that you chose is something that you believe people in your email list will be interested in and also make sure that the products are those that you have extensive knowledge on.
Now the part where you have to really work!
Draft an email discussing in great detail the benefits that your prospective customers will benefit from in the product that you are promoting. And because the products you chose are those that you know very well, it would be easier for you to write a convincing promotions email letter. You then send your drafted promotion letter to everybody in your email list, the more email addresses you have on your list, the better your chances of making a sale.
Oh, don't forget to include in your email promotion the link that Clickbank will automatically produce for you. Your customers would have to click on this link so that Clickbank can track sales that your customers click from the email promotions you have just forwarded to your list. Without this link, you will not get paid.

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