Goodbye Letters to Co-Workers - My 5 Top Tips

Let's get one thing straight; in this unstable economy jobs are changing more than ever and were saying goodbye to our fellow co workers more than ever! Believe me, writing good bye letters to co workers can be one of the hardest things to write. I mean it's so ironic considering they don't even need to be that long. However you'll be surprised just how many colleagues struggle finding that perfect letter to say farewell to their fellow co-workers. So to help you on your way here's my top 5 tips.
Goodbye Letters To Co Workers Tip #1
Be Sincere: When writing your farewell letter, be genuine and DON'T be fake. It will come out in the tone of your words and could jeopardise your sincerity.
Goodbye Letters To Co Workers Tip #2
Keep It Short And Sweet: Less is more. Keep it short and sweet but NOT just short. It tends to look like no real thought or effort went into it. Make it long enough to get across your point but short enough so they can get back to work!
Goodbye Letters To Co Workers Tip #3
Write In Black Or Blue Ink: I know it sounds obvious, but you wouldn't believe the number of letters I received from colleagues who wrote in all the colours in the rainbow! I've seen all of them. Yep, including (can you believe it) PURPLE?
Goodbye Letters To Co Workers Tip #4
Try To Email Your Letter: Emailing your letter ensures everybody gets it at exactly the same time. You'll avoid complaints like 'You didn't tell me' and ensures that no one gets left out. Plus if you do accidentally leave somebody out, just blame it on your email! Simple.
Goodbye Letters To Co Workers Tip #5
Write another separate letter for your managerial team and another for your fellow colleague's. It's proven to work a lot better. Targeting your goodbye letter is very strategic but MUST be executed properly if you know how.
I get a number of different emails daily asking for my very best tips on how to deliver a satisfying goodbye letter because I must admit, it's more complex than you would first think. Hopefully my 5 top tips will get you on your way to get started.

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