Ways To Profit Online - Even Without A Website

When the world wide web was invented, who would have thought that it would open up unlimited earning possibilities to anyone who has a serious desire of making it online? In its early days, only savvy webmasters who can design his or her own website and has enough marketing know how are the only ones benefitting from this twenty first century gold rush.
Not anymore. Today - high school students, stay at home moms and dads, teachers, brick layers - people from all walks of life are earning money on the internet - even without knowledge of web design or html.
How is it possible to earn money online with zero web design knowledge? By choosing a product from affiliate programs and then promoting those products by email.
Here's how:
First, join one of the largest affiliate network known to everyone who are into affiliate marketing - Clickbank. Clickbank has in its database, more than 10,000 products that you can choose from and it's free to join.
Second, open an email account in one of those free email subscription websites such as Yahoo, Hotmail or even Google.
Then, after joining Clickbank and having your own email account, choose any number of products you are interested in at Clickbank Marketplace. Make sure that the product or products that you chose is something that you believe people in your email list will be interested in and also make sure that the products are those that you have extensive knowledge on.
Now the part where you have to really work!
Draft an email discussing in great detail the benefits that your prospective customers will benefit from in the product that you are promoting. And because the products you chose are those that you know very well, it would be easier for you to write a convincing promotions email letter. You then send your drafted promotion letter to everybody in your email list, the more email addresses you have on your list, the better your chances of making a sale.
Oh, don't forget to include in your email promotion the link that Clickbank will automatically produce for you. Your customers would have to click on this link so that Clickbank can track sales that your customers click from the email promotions you have just forwarded to your list. Without this link, you will not get paid.

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