Why Save Your Money When You Can Love Yourself Better - Now!

It's another payday. What's the best and most obvious thing to do? Why save of course. You remember all those days of grinding away with low wages and nights of going hungry without anything to eat? I know you'd do anything not to relive those days. So saving is really a wonderful option for your money. It could probably even be the best option!
But some days saving just gets you really, really down. The less you spend on yourself the less you get. And depriving yourself in order to feed a family is a very noble thing to do but just keeping your money to yourself for the sake of having more of it is almost as foolish as wasting it on tons of useless stuff. So why keep saving like a miser when you can enjoy life to the absolute fullest by spending your money much more liberally? Here are a few reasons why you shouldn't keep your wallet so guarded:
* It will get you a whole lot more friends: So you aren't the tallest, smartest, most attractive one in the bunch, are you? And you aren't exactly the one who receives fan-mail or love letters from everybody? Watch all these change when you start throwing your money left and right! The more people who get free lunches from you, the more popular you get with people. And of course when you're pretty liberal with your money, all the dates start coming in. Besides who wants to date a cheapskate?
* Because You deserve to be spoiled every now and then: Who says that it only had to be your birthday for you to eat gigantic lobsters or delicious caviar? Nobody! And if they ever did, should you really care? Of course not! You deserve only the best and what can make you feel a whole lot better about yourself than a huge dinner every so often? Make yourself know the meaning of being a king or a queen by treating yourself to some really delicious food!

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